Obtain insights in what drives the HCP customer journey

PharmaCo wanted to obtain insights in what drove the HCPcustomer journey, but scattered data sources complicated this


  • PharmaCo wanted to measure the impact of its omnichannel strategy on HCP engagement in a mid-sized market BU
  • No data-driven methodology to track HCP engagement was in place
  • The company needed advice on how and where to start with a data-driven methodology to track engagement


  • Data is spread out over different silos
  • Digital maturity is low
  • Limited organizational buy-in from different stakeholders


  • KWARTS performed a diagnostic of the data sources, tech stack, strategy and organizational readiness to implement a data-driven methodology to quantify HCP engagement
  • We proposed an iterative approach to measure HCP engagement, identified the most relevant Data Science techniques, starting with a limited pilot based on CRM data, to later expand the scope to include sales (ERP & external vendor) data and web portal data


  • For a <€25k investment, PharmaCo obtained a data map and action plan for its EU BU, detailing which actions and Data Science techniques can be deployed to measure HCP engagement in the short, medium and long run
  • Projected ROI of a detailed action plan