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Since 2016, KWARTS focuses on improving customer journeys of healthcare professionals (HCPs) by  leveraging data that is now scattered across different silos. We will help your organization move from data to insights and enable your sales & marketing teams to act on a more holistic understanding of the HCP’s expectations. Our focus is on the Life Sciences industry, since the need for the industry to deliver more value to caregivers is so acute. Our founding team combines 20 years of relevant expertise in Life Sciences, with knowledge of innovative practices on data-driven customer centricity in FMCG, retail and e-commerce.
We believe that data and technology play a dual role: empowering professionals and companies to improve customer happiness, and helping them achieve their objectives.

Our mission is to be the leading customer data platform in Life Sciences. We want to achieve that aim by creating technology and solutions that are smart, intuitive and useful.

We go way back...

1998 - Bart and Ruben meet in high school
(ask us how 😊)
2016 - Bart Van Proeyen founds KWARTS
2018 - Decision to productize our consultancy services into a SaaS-platform
2019 - Promising proof-of-concepts and customer feedback inspire KWARTS to kick-off the collaboration with our academic partner, Hasselt University
2020- Industry funding and innovation grants help us transform the proof-of-concepts into a minimum viable product (”MVP”)
2020- Bart meets Ruben again, and discovers there is a (professional) spark!
2021 - Ruben De Moor formally joins KWARTS as a co-founder
2021 – Capital increase, team expansion, and further product development

Are you excited about topics such as AI technology, neural networks, improving health care and SaaS business models?

Working at KWARTS means bringing
our values to life

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Our team members have a learning attitude. They dive deep into the subject matter: first seeking to understand, then trying to innovate further.
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As a team member in a growing scale-up, you get a lot of responsibility. In return, we expect you to deliver on expectations in an engaged and pragmatic way.
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We are into this together. Appreciation of everyone’s strengths and needs is crucial: both in our team as on the client side. We all need coaching and support from time to time.
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We want to live and work in an environment where there is transparency, openness, and respect. Our team members dare to fail, because in the end we will win as a team.

If you think his might be a fit, we welcome your application

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