Involving Field Force in data logging, quality and quantity

By involving the field force in data logging, quality and quantity increased by more than 15%


  • PharmaCo wanted to increase the quality and quantity of its logged data, as there was not enough data to generate the desired insights
  • Some data was gathered automatically, but other data still needed to be entered manually
  • PharmaCo was looking for ways to facilitate and incentivize data logging


  • Reps did not like to log data, as they perceived it is as monitoring
  • While data needed to be logged in CRM, the CRM was underutilized and not delivering on its potential


  • By integrating A-Inside in the Salesforce-based CRM of PharmaCo, both rep behavioral data and rep feedback on key messages were logged
  • Logging was now a part of rep routines, without it requiring any active involvement from the rep


  • Motivated reps contribute to data logging, increasing the amount of logged data and its quality by 15%
  • Operational Efficiency
  • CRM Adoption