Detect which messages and channels have the biggest impact on the HCP customer journey

PharmaCo wanted to know which messages and channels had the biggest impact on the HCP customer journey


  • PharmaCo prepared for a new product launch, and it developed a series of messages and experiences to support it
  • PharmaCo was unsure which one of its key messages resonated most with its HCPs


  • HCP responses on experiences needed to be graded quantitatively
  • There was no methodology in place to quantify HCP engagement


  • KWARTS developed a data-driven methodology to quantify the HCP response to the key messages of PharmaCo
  • Responses have been analyzed and the most relevant experiences (message + channel) have been identified


  • Only <30% of PharmaCo’s key messages generates a positive response (>4), the others do not resonate with the audience
  • ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment)
  • Marketing Operations Efficiency
  • CSAT
  • NPS