April 14, 2021

Start with a 360° scan of your data environment

“Artificial Intelligence is happening, … but it’s not for us”

It’s a classic story we regularly hear when talking to our clients. There exists a persistent perception that AI is only for the Googles and Amazons of this world. To the average company, the idea of artificial intelligence seems so overwhelming that it blocks them from taking concrete actions. Often, projects come to a premature halt because of the following arguments:

  • “We don’t have enough data”
  • “We don’t have the right data”
  • “We have messy data”

Yet, instead of taking action to solve these issues, companies often suffer from ‘data paralysis’. Also, we noticed that many clients often have a distorted view on their data quality. They tend to focus on ‘edge-cases’. Minor problems which can be easily dealt with, while the rest of their data eco-system is perfectly fine.

For these reasons, we developed a standardized method to scan for data maturity: the KWARTS QuickScan. Within a couple of days, we do a 360° assessment of your data environment, in the context of marketing and sales. An assessment that will allow your company or department to move forward in an efficient way. This assessment involves:

  • Understanding the role of data within your business strategy
  • Assessment of your current toolkit
  • Identification of relevant data sources

We then translate our evaluation into an action plan, tailored to your organization. This includes identifying blind spots in your current data collection, but also setting up initiatives to grab existing opportunities.

This approach has helped out many of our clients to move forward in a domain that is not always easy to grasp.
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