July 9, 2019

Commit your marketing budget to the right customers!

Even a century after John Wanamaker spoke these famous words in the early 1900’s, marketing and sales can still be a challenging activity. Let’s face it, most of our commercial efforts are still lost on people who are not interested or not even qualified. Frustrating for us, but also frustrating for our customers. Nobody likes a mistargeted ad, especially when they arrive simultaneously from many different companies.

It’s true that the digital age has changed the face of marketing. At least to some extent. Web click conversions, e-mail open rates and social media engagement stats are key KPIs in many marketing departments. Yet, tracking metrics is not enough to create true, authentic customer engagement. Ultimately, the question remains the same as 100 years ago: who should I target with which message via which channel at which moment?

Luckily, technological advances in the past years have exposed tremendous opportunities. Big data, deep learning, self-learning algorithms, recommender systems, artificial intelligence… When it comes to marketing and sales, it is shown that leveraging data the right way yields an average increase of 2% in sales and a reduction of 10% in marketing costs (Mohr & Hürtgen, 2018). Thanks to these recent developments, we can finally start to provide an answer to our million-dollar question.

At KWARTS, we specialize in creating data science solutions that empower sales & marketing managers in retail, healthcare & service industries. Our philosophy is that each company can benefit from activating its data. We all share similar sectorial & data-technological challenges as our competitors. However, we understand that no company is the same. With our focused expertise, we set out your own tailored roadmap for data-driven marketing, based on your specific context and priorities.

The end result: more meaningful interactions, leading to higher customer engagement. From setting up the right data collection tools, over predicting the perfect personalized marketing tactic to employing an AI-powered marketing automation system: we make it work.

Where do we start?

Beginnings are often the hardest part. It is true that many companies question the steps they need to take to make their marketing and sales departments more data-driven. That’s why we usually start off with a knowledge-sharing stage. We offer a Customer Engagement Bootcamp during which we identify the stage of data maturity in your company or business unit, share our expertise and identify your opportunities.

After that, we create a stepwise action plan to start grabbing those opportunities. Ultimately, we want you to strengthen your connection with your customers. So – at last – you can commit your marketing budget to the right customers.

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